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How to submit your work

Consciousart.org seeks submissions from a large variety of artists who serve the consciousness-oriented community. We want the site to be lively, with frequent updates and lots of variety. The best way to make this happen is to get lots of new submissions. So read our Manifesto and if you agree with what we're doing, send in your stuff! 


Important: Please read this entire page before submitting your work.


    To submit your work please email the Director (link provided below) with a description of your art and how it expresses the theme of consciousness. You may attach manuscripts in .doc, .pdf or .txt format, links to your existing sites, sample graphics in .gif or .jpg format, even your own complete web pages for inclusion in the site. Once we receive your submission, our selection committee will review it. We will try to get back to you within two weeks or so. 

    Our selection criteria are broad but admittedly subjective. Actually any work of artistic quality that in our opinion expresses a constructive point on the theme of consciousness would be acceptable. We are broadminded but we do have our limits. Some examples of content that definitely will not fit in are pornography and violence. Nevertheless if you can convince us of the relevance of your work to the theme of consciousness, we are ready to be flexible about our preconceived limits. 

    If we find that your work meets our criteria, we will create the necessary Gallery pages and contact you for additional files if needed. You also will need to write a brief biography, provide your picture  and an explanation of how your work relates to the theme of consciousness. See the existing Galleries and Artist pages for examples. We will work with you and help you get all this together.

    A word on legalities: All work you submit remains your property and remains copyrighted by you. We have the traditional copyright notice at the bottom of each page. Some of our artists prefer to waive copyright protection, or allow redistribution of their work under certain conditions. If this is the case you must provide this notice in writing for inclusion on your page, otherwise we will assume you want the standard copyright protection.

    You may provide a link from your Gallery and Artist pages to a site where you sell your work or where it is displayed. We prefer direct submissions from the artist. You can recommend someone else's work but please also give us the artist's contact information so we can get their permission prior to posting their work.

    By submitting your work to Consciousart.org, you accept these provisions and authorize the Harmony School of Conscious Art to use this material in other presentations related to the theme and purposes of Conscious Art. We may use your submission in other web sites, brochures promoting artistic activities or classes on subjects related to developing higher consciousness, etc. You will receive proper credit for your work in these presentations, so it will be another avenue of promotion for your work. 

    Privacy Policy: Consciousart.org will never release your contact information to any third party. Unless you tell us you want your contact information available on your, we'll keep it confidential. As artists, we enjoy our privacy and we assume you do too.

To submit your work please Contact the Director.

Maria Kimdahl




Thank you very much for your submission! We look forward to working with you.

the Director and Artists of Consciousart.org

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