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Ten Purposes of the Harmony School of Conscious Art

External Purposes:

  1. To transcend dogma and discover the real meaning of all living and dead forms in the view of ultimate reality by:
    • Promoting research into higher values based on the sufferings and experiences of our own and others’ lives.
    • Researching the inspirations coming from all wise and wholesome contributions to the same search for perfection throughout the course of recorded history.
    • Utilizing all available media to distribute those discoveries to form a firm foundation for the development of the conscious realization of all people everywhere.

  2. To encourage the public to question their own position in this world and to become sacred pilgrims, desperate searchers, honest inquirers, lovingly and progressively dedicated to the all-good Autocrat, the Master of reality, nature, mercy and law.
  3. To expose the environmental problem as our own fault, and it is meant to improve our position in the eternal journey to final sweet perfection.
  4. To connect artists, poets, philosophers, philanthropists, ecologists, sociologists and all others in the search for harmony: the conscious art of living.
  5. To create a financial base for conscious artists—painters, sculptors, writers, musicians, etc.—to communicate their message to the people of this age through exhibitions, publications, public media, seminars and art festivals.

Internal Purposes:

  1. Harmony stands for the values of absolute goodness manifested in the personalities of the Harmonist, the Yuga-Avatar Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, and the self-realized souls who have taken shelter of the divine manifestations who have descended to this world to help us understand and develop real spiritual love.

  2. The development of consciousness in the individual is the goal of critically analyzing ourselves and the world around us.
  3. Everything is perfect from the absolute point of view.  If everything is used in harmony with its absolute purpose the conflict is over and Vaikuntha, the land of Divine dedication begins.
  4. Even seekers after perfection often lose their vision by overemphasizing their mundane, sentimental identification with some organization, ritual or physical ideal conception, and thus deviate from the ideal of their own search. The search for the perfection of desire, only available in its purest execution, can be protected by the conscious determination not to be satisfied with one’s realization but to always remain anxious for help from above.
  5. Art and writing, highly respected in the present age, are media capable of communicating and inquiring about almost everything. Surely they are not meant to gratify the ego of the individual artist, whose glory may be sung only after he has already taken his next birth.

    The universal harmony—conscious art—will try to show that the art of living is totally subject to the recognition of the charming beauty of the Divine Artist and the artistic loving manifestations of His eternal servitors. If the devotees of Lord Gouranga (the supreme Lord of Love) with artistic inclinations establish Harmony Schools of Conscious Art centered around solid, merciful, non-dogmatic sadhus (saints and examples of our ideals), then they can direct their power of reason and love to attract the public to develop their own consciousness. If people are fortunate enough to meet those artists or see their work, then their spiritual progress will be greatly enhanced.

Some Additional Points to Clarify the Ideas of the Harmony Project

    The western world is traditionally fed up with established, mainstream religions. The new wave of sects and cults has created an amazing impact resulting in the general rejection of all types of faith. At the same time materialism is defeated by its own statistics and the environment is screaming for a change of human habits. All in all, despite the increasing degradation, the world has come to the perfect moment to appreciate the message of love of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and all truthful teachings and messengers.

In the words of Srila Bhaktivinod Thakur:

Man’s glory lies in common sense 
Dictating us the grace
That man is made to live and love
The beauteous heaven’s embrace.

    Karma, the soul and the need for love all need to be understood by common sense, what to speak of general criticism on science, atheism, warfare, intoxication, abortions, consumer society, advertisement slaves and general socio-religious dogmatism. Taking advantage of this we shall make a heartfelt effort to raise others’ consciousness. The service to all divine agents is the conscious art of living.

Die to live = Let the lie of selfishness die, and the eternal glory of your real self-interest can live.

Yours in love and for love alone,

His Holiness B.A. Paramadvaiti Swami
Founder, Harmony School of Conscious Ar


His Holiness B.A. Paramdvaiti Swami


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