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By Jasmine Kang

Warm wind brings desire,
An aspiration to attain samadhi.
A dreamer, whose dream has come true,
Looks up to the thousand cranes in the sapphire lit sky.

While the lotus moon shines overhead,
Cherry blossoms fall before a temple.
He resides in nature.
Nature illustrates Him.

No color transcends His vibrations.
Not a single word manifests His illustrations.
He is my friend, who watches one from the sky.
In the gentle rhythm of the winds, I can hear His voice.

"Seek the True One, the Infinite Bliss,"
These were the words of the wise.
There is wealth in the grains of sand.
Potency lies not in gold,
Only in the core of human values.
Truth can set one free.

He is the call from the wind,
The rustling of leaves,
A sound I have heard.
He is in the echoes of movement
And in the rising sun.

I listen to the Voice of the Sea,
That holds Bliss and True Reality.
With life come many passages.
One crosses through all of them.

What silence is there when all is in motion?
Silence is not when mouths are sealed,
Nor is it in the calmness of autumn leaves falling.
Silence has no before or after nor an end.
It is in the present.

Silence is stillness in itself.
Even the banyan tree is not silent,
For it is in existence.

He is in the wind of voices leading a chant,
That is like whispers not ended.
He is that silvery moon that swells up above,
As the stars entrance the heavens.

So many thoughts.
They are the mysteries of the mind.
You wonder when the mind will be quiet.

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