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By Jasmine Kang

Down by the river, I sang these songs
Of our amity, pure love and life.
My heaven, my life, my dear jewel,
It was sunshine now till the rain clouds fell.
One looks to the Sun, the One he adores,
As the labyrinth of a spider's web
Hangs among dappled bushes.
Look far and one shall see what the horizon foretells.

In name, they are what they are told.
This world is one of many others.
What one man believes, another does not.
Simplicity lies in front. How complex shall one make it to be?

Under the moonlight, one sees the stars
Stretching across the heavens,
And the many worlds of a universe.
Dear Nanda-Nandana hides Himself
Among the branches of a tree.

I see Him in daylight.
Upon a swing, He sits with Radha Rani,
Whose radiance is like that of a lotus
With a thousand petals opening up in an embrace.

Do you remember such a tale?
We are One forever in this sweetness.
Not far are marigolds of auburn and the colors of autumn.
The gopis of Braj adorn Him with garlands of pure love.

"Come," He calls, "and go with me to the land of Ananda."
He is air, water and fire, the very breath of life.
You are, You are this life.

We spoke about faraway lands, the seas, the moon,
And we always came back to You, O Krsna!
Where can He not be?
He is all that we perceive.

We speak of His Divinity in many ways,
But there is only One,
Who dwells in the glowing lotus of this heart.
Some deny His existence, but whoever cannot feel Him?
They look for too much freedom.
If they only knew freedom
Is in Him.

They ask and say 'not a soul' answers.
Flames of fire spring from their hearts.
They yearn to have darshan of Him.
He is here!

Feel the rhythm of the earth,
Sing along, and dance
To the cadence beneath your feet.
Down by the river, I remain to sing
These songs of life.

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