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By Jasmine Kang

My life is as young as a newly blossomed rosebud,
And as ancient as the rivers and the waters that run.
My life etches a narrative of incarnations from time long gone,
Reaching as far back in years as the eternal cyclic process of the universe,
And incarnations numbering beyond the myriad stars—countless,
Whose descriptions become the depths of the oceans—endless.

Enclosed in the hridya is the beauty of it all—
The infiniteness of the Supreme.
He is the light of every being and form.
He is the sweetness of nectar and honey,
And the fragrance of a rose.

I am this jiva, unbreakable and insoluble,
Everlasting, unchangeable,
And eternally the same.

The jiva has no beginning
Nor end.
No fire can burn it
And no wind can blow it away.

We take on many bodies,
But one still is one.
The body changes,
While one is ever the same,
Ever the same.

I am That.
I am Spirit
And that Spirit is you.
I am the soul,
And the soul never changes.

He is in every hridya,
Called by many names.
He is Love and Light
Always with us.

All the varied manifestations of the Universe are One.
We are merely different aspects of the same Reality, the Truth.
"Tattva achintya 'bheda bheda tattva."
Like the waves, we come and go,
But the vast ocean of being remains.
We come in various forms
And have different perspectives,
But we all come from the same source,
We are all made of the same substance.

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