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By Jasmine Kang

Remember, remember that song from long ago,
When the sweet melody of a flute was heard
In the forests of Vrindavana, Mathura, Barsana,
Govardhan and Gokul?

The gopis would gather around their Beloved,
Enchanted by this avatar of the ages.
The echo of their voices can still be heard
Among the gentle breezes.
"Jai Sri Krsna! Jai Sri Krsna!"

As that echo relives it liveliness,
So does the tune of His flute.
He did not leave us, nor will He ever.
Then, He showered His Love and Light
In the form that we named "Krsna".
And today He shines ever the same,
As Light everywhere.

His Light has shined from time immemorial.
For what is life without the Light, but only dust?

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