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Prayer for the mercy of Gurudev

By Nyisztor Miklós

We live in an age when desires
capture us, like storms that come suddenly
And like thin, insignificant straw
whirls take us to suffering.
Ask for the mercy of Gurudev, ask him to extend around you
his holy protection and save you every minute
from the surging dark chaos below your feet.

We live in an age, when terrorist ghosts
break also in your dreams who force you to steel, kill, cheet
take power, humiliate women, be the hero of the day
drink and daze yourself with drugs
The temptations of maya are always rougher, you are weak
to take the challenge on your own,
so ask for the mercy of Gurudev, that saves you.

We live in an age, where you cannot escape from
the dirty flow that takes you. Settle for the moment
which bids sweet illusion on material level, enchants you.
Mean desires whip you, force you:
take what pubs and brothels offer,
a gulp enough to poison you for a life.
So ask for the mercy of Gurudev, that saves you.

We live in an age, when seduction is great
to satisfy your senses and you cannot believe
in the laws of heaven, this is clearly a spiritual decay.
On our planet, people alive like scientific means
which cannot resolve any problem.
You may stay here for many lives without progress
if you cannot get the mercy of Gurudev.

We live in an age when societies are distorted
lie about a better life, making bloody wars in the same time
destroy your fellows cruelly
contaminate nature, demoniac countries raging,
making bloodsheds, like they could do anything.
Serving the false ego we earned a hellish life long ago.
Ask for the mercy of Gurudev, to pass the monstrosity.
Living in any age, humbly hold
the lotus feet of Gurudev and
you surpass the stinky, disgusting ocean of misery...

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