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Paintings by Vrindavan Das

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Playing vina

Playing vina
Mana-lila with Lalita and Tulasi
Mana-lila with
Lalita and Tulasi



Radha and parrot
Radha Teaches Her Pet Parrot
Ratna simhasana
Meeting on a Jeweled Seat
Mana-lila - The Divine Pique


Mukta carita
Mukta Carita
- The pearl pastime
Jala keli
Jala Keli - Midday waterpastimes at Radha-kunda

Eating on the Banks of Yamuna


Milking cows
Krishna and Balarama
Milking Cows
Pralambha asura
Playing with
Demon Pralambha


Little Nimai Dancing
Nimai Nitai
Meeting of Nimai and Nitai
Nimai and Kesava Kasmiri


Ramayana 2

Sita Enters the Fire
Ramayana 3

First meeting of Rama and Vibhisana
Ramayana 4
First Meeting of Hanuman
with Rama and Laksmana


Radha-Krishna Govardhan

Sri Radha and Sri Krishna at Govardhan
Rahda and Krishna<br> on the throne

Rahda and Krishna on the throne



For more pictures, visit Vrindavan Das' home page: www.vrindavanart.com

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