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Paintings of Michael Jolin


The images seen here are conceptual, timeless, and hopefully meaningful. Unless noted with an "original price", they are available in reproduction form, with the print being mounted on blue 5"x7" matting , or on 8"x10" matting.

The smaller works have the language typed, and the larger ones have the language hand written. Both sizes are hand-signed, dated, and numbered by the artist.

Click on a thumbnail to view the full-size image:

Through Peril
From adversity comes a strength, and a faith. You will pass over only when your soul consents.

With Power
No barriers can withstand the force of a soul whose direction is in sync with the Universe.

Autumn Passage
Nature, including our psyches, tends to cycle, to ripen, wither, only to refresh in the spring.

Your spirit has no barriers as it directs the physical part of you.

Your Choice
You chose your plane, dimensions, family, body, mind. Why not the course of this precious life?

Love Transcends
When all of the pettiness evaporates, love will rise above the ego's effort
to create attention.

No greater bond than that of mother and child-it teaches her soul to love.

Her Force
Out of restriction the feminine force claims its presence.

Seeing the many events of the day as mere clouds passing in your detached sky of serenity.

Nature's Beauty
The dolphin has brought man closer to himself; his oneness with the physical and spirit.

The hardest job is just to be, in awareness.

May you be whole, and share your overflow, now conditionless love.

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