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Painting Gallery

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Alejandro Dintino Paintings of animals, especially endangered species, with a fine sense of texture. 
Alexander Theodoridis Beautiful paintings for meditation on higher values.
Annette Theodoridis Mystic and mythic motives
Art for Peace Painting and sculpture dedicated to the ideal of spiritual peace introduced by Lord Caitanya.
Brahmasamhita Das Expressive paintings in oil and other materials. Concrete, abstract, Cubistic motives.
Doug Ball The magical light gives life and beauty to these paintings.
Drigha Dasi Large, detailed paintings of traditional Vedic subjects, classical European training and style.
Fabia Escalante Arriola Yantra paintings on the trulys in Eco Truly Park in Peru.
Gokul Aranja Das Gallery of paintings from the exhibition in Baños in Ecuador, October 2003.
Heleen Steinvoorte Yantras, flowers and abstract art by Heleen Steinvoorte from Holland.
Holger Voigt Mystical, visionary paintings inspired by the verses of the Bhagavad-gita.
Jayanthi Thaler Paintings on natural leaves for peace and harmony.
Johannes Ptok Expressive paintings with inspiration from the Vedas, by Johannes Ptok.
Jutta Temp Abstract paintings by Jutta Temp.
Mahambrita Devi Dasi Stained glass paintings from the Vedic Planetarium in Peru.
Maharani Natural Paintings by Maharani.
Michael Jolin Jolin has been referred to as a "productive visionary." He paints what is strong, beautiful and meaningful in life.
Miklós Nyisztor Colourful paintings with inspiration from nature.
Milan Yovanovich Extracts of paintings from Yovanovich's galleries with contemporary art, classics, murials and much more.
Mura Hari Das
Nilamani Das Gallery of paintings from the exhibition in Ecuador, October 2003.
Oliver Hertel Gallery of paintings ...
Peter Clauss Gallery of paintings/collages with ardent topics of consciousness.
Radha Gopinatha
Raquel Chamorro Gallery of paintings from the exhibition in in Ecuador, October 2003.
Sardar Rauf These paintings are all painted out in the beautiful nature of northern Iraq.
Viktor Kohlin Expressive paintings for truth and higher realization.
Vrindavan Das Paintings with sacred motives from Vraja, India.
Wilhelm Madlencnik Sensitive and colorful paintings of space scenes, mystical beings, nature spirits.


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