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Albums by Karnamrita Dasi

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Dasi: Prayers by Women
1. Mangalacaran
2. Devaki
3. Meerabai
4. Yamunastakam
5. The Glories of Sri Radha
6. Draupadi
7. Prayers by Queen Kunti
8. Gopi Gita
9. Story of Pingala

Comments on the album:

Filled with haunting harmonies, Karnamrita's soulful, velvety voice, blends with mandolins, violins, sarods, sitars, pianos, harmonium, pakawaj, tablas, mrdangam and even the South Indian coconut shells are not missed.

This album will make you dance, pray, sing, cry, and feel the depth and souls of ancient women s voices.

Also included with each CD is a beautifully designed 16 page booklet, in which each saint's personal story, Sanskrit text and English translation is given. Bringing together the heart of India and her own western homeland, Karnamrita represents the new generation in music today.

Born and raised in American Ashrams, studying Sanskrit, Bhajans, Kirtan, and a dedication to classical Indian music training, Karnamrita's music represents a natural blend of third culture musicians.

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