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Literature of Jeffrey Armstrong

The Trial of Matter and Eternal Love The polarity of light and dark is all around us. It is almost as if the universe is having an argument with itself while we watch. One side of the argument says life is based on power and is only temporary. Death is final, nothing is beyond it and all displays of beauty and love are transient bubbles in an ocean of darkness. The other argument says life is based on love and that we are eternal beings made of knowledge and by nature joyful. It argues that behind power lie wisdom, love and a Supreme Being who has created all of this in the service of beauty, joy and eternal love. Like any trial, advocates from both sides bring forth arguments to support their position. The conclusion is very important since once accepted it will become the basis of our life.
You May Not Be the Sign
You Think You Are - The Greek Blunder!
Just as we have a relationship with the Earth that is sacred and has a purpose, so we have a relationship with the stars that is important, sacred and essential to our well being. Recently, in the rush of modern scientific knowledge, the importance of these sacred relationships has been ignored for the sake of gaining strictly material knowledge. Now and forever that new knowledge needs to be integrated into an emotional and meaningful relationship to the Earth and the Cosmos.
Vedic Astrology
Precession of the Equinoxes
To understand Astrology it is necessary to have a basic grasp of Astronomy. The horoscope which an astrologer casts and uses to understand a person's destiny is actually a picture of the sky surrounding the Earth at the moment of birth. Horoscope means "view of the hour." In order to understand that view some basic Astronomy is necessary. As you will see, the horoscope is not just your Sun sign but includes other planets and the constellations or star groups as well. A proper understanding of Astronomy will also make it clear how Western or Tropical Astrology is using calculations that are inaccurate by almost 2000 years!


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