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Conny Hard


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  Conny Hard

Conny Hard, also called B. V. Vaisnava Swami, was born on November 24th 1967, in the pristine town of Aschaffenburg Germany. It was here that he enjoyed a full and well rounded childhood. Anyone in Conny’s company had a difficult time keeping up with his abundance of energy and his sometimes shocking intellectual questions. His parents were kept busy with their special son and successfully provided him with all the facilities necessary to enhance his many interests.

He mastered 4 languages, 4 instruments, was the top student and athlete in his exclusive school. He won a youth chess tournament and was even able to fit in modelling- swim ware in the summers, all before the age of sixteen.

His mother was very much devoted to her family and worked hard at teaching her children the importance of moral values, respect and kindness. She constantly encouraged their strengths and reassured them that they would be able to accomplish whatever in life they so desired.

His father was not only a successful business man but also a concert accordion artist who was a member of the German Folk Band "Voegel." He raised his children to be determined, strong and disciplined and to follow through on whatever they set their minds to do.

Greatly influenced by these characteristics, plus having exhibited a multitude of natural talents in the areas of music, athletics, languages and academics, Conny today has become one of the most dynamic, diverse and sensitive people to ever come in contact with.

At age 17, Conny became a bit anxious, for the day would soon be upon him, where he would have to make a choice of what direction to take for his future. Although the medium of which he was inspired to express himself was through his guitar and blues-harp he still continued his education and succeeded with a degree in International Business and achieved many awards for his victorious soccer championships. He was afforded many options, but music was his number one passion and to put it aside for a business or sports profession did not appeal to him.

It was the spring before his nineteenth birthday when Conny’s decision came much easier. He was discovered by the lead singer of the popular German Band "People" and invited to be one of the guitarist in their pop band. Conny accepted the offer and at just barely nineteen his destiny took form and he began his professional carrier as a musician.

From the ages of 19-26 Conny travelled around Europe performing, meeting interesting people, even played with the bass player from the famous band "The Scorpions" and "Nina Hagen and Band". He basically enjoyed all the luxuries that fame offered.

At 27 Conny experienced somewhat of a peak. He was doing what he loved but needed a new challenge. In his heart he felt his life still had more to explore. It was than that he began to reflect inward in an effort to find a deeper meaning to his existence. This inner feeling distracted him so much that he resigned from the band and decided to travel in hopes of finding life’s answers (Much like George Harrison).

It was in the intriguing country of India that Conny’s essence became challenged once again, he studied yoga and the Art of Meditation from renowned teachers and became well versed in the Vedic Scriptures of Hinduism and the Sacred Language of Sanskrit. It was also here that he discovered the Ancient Instruments of the Gods, the Harmonium, the Kartalas and the Mridanga. This new world of sound and vibration that these unique instruments offered stimulated Connys artistic inquisitive nature and compelled him to want to understand their mystical capabilities.

So through the determination that his father taught him and the importance of spiritual values that his mother taught him Conny once again surprised many, for in just a short time he became expert in all 3 of these most difficult Indian instruments and found a new meaning to life through yoga and meditation.

Today Conny composes in 5 languages and travels worldwide performing, entertaining, lecturing and inspiring. All his wisdom and talents are expressed through his unique style of music and lyrics. His exotic blends of Eastern and Western combinations delivers the senses on a journey through a variety of delicate sounds and emotions. His concerts leave you refreshed and in a mood of reflection. His motives are to inspire and to continue to support many ecological research centers, and retreats world wide, which he donated and educate people on the importance of preserving the natural resources on the planet.

Conny is surely a special friend, who blesses us with his presence through his music and world wide non-profit projects. Since the year 2000 Conny is again afiliated to the worlwide performing artist federation.

Welcome to visit his web page where you can buy CD:s and download music.

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