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Sardar Rauf


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Sardar Rauf is a talented painter and photographer from the Iraki part of Kurdistan. He was born in 1976, and at the age of 21, he got his exam at the Sulaimani Institute of Fine Arts. He has paricipated at the annual festivals of the institute, and at the Sulaimani museum, he also participated in an exhibition of graphics in 1994, called Black Stars.

After this, he had his own exhibitions at the Institute of Fine Arts, and has also been teaching art at the comprehensive school for a couple of years. From the year 2000 and six years ahead, he worked as a planner of printing for the Ministry of Education.

All the paintings of Sardar Rauf in the gallery of Conscious art, are painted with acryl and Chinese ink on canvas, all of them 150x150 centimeters.

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