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Oscar Rosales


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Oscar Rosales, also called Hare Krishna Das, was born in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, in 1962 and nowadays living in San Josť. Since his early youth he has been writing poetry, and his talents was soon recognized by his teachers in college. He has a special poetic language of his own; a modernist way of writing with elements of nature, spirituality, reflections and sentiments. We can find fine threads weaved between time and eternity, between space and beyond; connections between man's condition and divinity, between love and pain; realisations of illusion and reality. His compositions express the heart's longing for the unconditional and imperishable love.

Although a few of his poems are originally written in English, Oscar Rosales mainly writes in Spanish. Some of his poems are now being translated to English, though. He has also had some of his poems translated and published in the Swedish culture magazine Skrivlustan.

Beside his writing, he is also interested in music and art. He is working as an art dealer, specialized on contemporary art.

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