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Sri Ravindranath


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RAVI - Indian Classical Flute Maestro
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Sri Ravindranath, also called Ravi, was born in 1974 in a south indian Hindu orthodox well educated brahmin family. At the age of 13, he was initiated into the world of music as a vocalist on the banks of river Krishna in Andhra Pradesh, South India. After practicing both vocal and instrument (Harmonium) for a few years, he started to study flute under the teaching of Vidwan Sri K P Upadhyaya, a famous karnatic (8-holed flute) player in Mysore, South India.

Later, he was greatly influenced towards the Indian classical flute (6-holed), which was much easier than the earlier one. He started increasing the sizes of his bamboo flute, and today he is one of a few in India who can use both south Indian and north Indian flutes in the same concert. He was further well trained in playing the big bamboo flutes under the guidelines of Pandit Sri Chetaram Sharma, from Shimla, Himanchal Pradesh, in India.

The sensitive techniques in the Indian classical flute he acquired from the legendary family in Delhi, who has been training all the distinguished flutists in India for the last 200 years in the guru-shishya parampara. He finally learned the lessons of Indian Classical Gayaki Ang (Vocal based Flute), which finally flourished the young artist.

In October 2004 Ravi went to south Korea to perform his first international concert at the Sori festival in Jeonju. This made him to know more about the western classical music. There he introduced for the first time the multiple flute playing, by playing both karnatic and Indian classical music on 3 different flutes with the flute holes ranging from 6 to 8.

Besides the music, Ravi has also studied the medical therapeutics of yoga, and combines his musical skills with yoga therapy and ayurveda teaching.

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