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Heleen Steinvoorte


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Heleen Steinvoorte was born in 1977 in Almelo - Holland. In her early years she visited the School Rudolf Steiner, which influenced her artistic nature. After finishing her school in 1993, she studied for 4 years "Decoration and Restoration".

The school impregnates her stiles that deal with themes of diverse decorative aspects. The initial ideas of art and its contents became for her a symbolic prayer. During her two years travelling around the world, Heleen started an inspiration in her artistic search; especially the impressions of Asia and South America reflected her work like never before, bidding the simple elements of nature with ornaments of these cultures, to finally define beauty and harmony.

Between 1999 and 2000 she dedicated her self more and more to develop her stile following the ancient art of Yantras and Mandalas. In the same year she encounters and join a group of artist from Germany "The School of Conscious Art".

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