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Johannes Ptok


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Johannes Ptok, aka Janmanalaya, was born in Berlin in 1950, and in 1967 went to Pforzheim, Germany, to study arts and crafts. From 1968 to 1970, he was taught by Professor Sonderborg at the Art Academy in Stuttgart, and for the next tow years was a pupil of Professor Rudolf Hausner at the Academy in Vienna. It was there that Johannes Ptok developed his characteristic style, which leans toward symbolism and fantastic realism. Ptok also attended private classes held by Ernst Fuchs.

After his formal studies, he travelled extensively and lived in various countries, including Italy, the United States and India. Now he resides with his family in the beautiful Swedish countryside, on a farm near Stockholm. His paintings have gained notoriety and have been displayed at exhibits throughout Scandinavia. He does not only paint on canvas, but also nature material like wood and granite.

Johannes Ptok is presently illustrating the Bhagavad-Gita, an ancient Sanskrit classic. In this project, he is looking for experiences and images "that come only to those who search with both patience and passion, who love the absolute reality, Krishna". "When we open our searching eye, Ptok says, "we can see God's face glowing behind all things."

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