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Pär Jorsäter


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Pär Jorsäter is a Swedish musician, living in Karlstad in the south of Sweden at the present. He was born in 1959 and dedicated time and interest to music since his early childhood. He studied music for several years, and in 1983 he graduated from the music academy in Örebro as Master of Fine Arts. He plays the piano, flute and many other instruments, and is a composer as well.

Pär Jorsäter about himself:

My name is Pär Jorsäter and I work as a musician at a music theatre/opera in Karlstad, Sweden. Almost all my life is about music, on leisure time and at work. I believe that music becomes more interesting in connexion with something more, like theatre, politic, poetry, religion or humour. Therefore I always write songs, and almost never just pieces of music.

I have made three albums in my life, so far. The first one, "Herr President" (1989), came to existence due to my deep engagement for peace. Musically, my inspiration was mainly Kurt Weill. The second album, "Vi sjunger inatt" (1997), I made together with a musical artist, named Åsa Bergh, and this music goes towards the more theatrical. Åsa is singing each song as if interpreting each character, imagining a new context and a new story for each song. Musically the inspiration is often the French chanson. The third album, "Just den gången" (2004), has a more unobtrusive tone of address. Like the previous, it often contents small stories, but it is more like snapshots of experience. This album is of a jazz and ballad character.

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