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Alexander Theodoridis and Viktor Kohlin

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Alexander Theodoridis and Viktor Kohlin are two Swedish artists, and their contribution to this page consists in a magazine of comics, called Nimai. They present themselves as follows:

"Haribol! Our present situation in life is that we travel around and with various methods tries to inspire people to be more spiritual aware of what is really happening in the world today. We find a great amount of inspiration in inspiring others to look more closely into the Vedic wisdom that so beautifully explains the nature of this creation, the nature of the soul and that of God. Everyone must learn how to give Love, because everyone is looking for love, but we don't know how to get it...

"In the material world I try to be my own lord and I also would like to rule over you. And you think in the same way. This is how constant quarrels and wars pervade our world..."

- BA Paramadvaiti Swami

So in order to practice giving love, we made this comic-book where we tried to make the vedic literature and it's often hidden treasures more accessible and easy to understand so that people in general can learn that the water must go to the root, not to the leaves. This is what we hope for... Hare Krishna!

Alex and Viktor

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