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Mukunda Vilas Das


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  Mukunda Vilas Das

Mukunda Vilas Das is working with theatre and is director of several productions. One of them is Kaly Yuga, which was played the first time in 1999. Here below, you can read Mukunda Vilas' own words about this production, and in his gallery you can find photos of it. More biodata of Mukunda Vilas Das coming soon.

Kaly Yuga

Production: Kaly Yuga
Author: Saksi Gopal das
Group: Grupo de teatro instantáneo Govinda's
Director: Mukunda Vilas (see presentation above)

Description by the director: This new version, based on the classical production Kali-Yuga, by Prabhu Saksi Gopal das, and with first performance on Janmastami -99 with the group "Grupo de Teatro Instantáneo Govinda's", invites us to reflect about aspects of our inwards that we not always want to recognize. It reflects the awakening of sentiments that are fighting inside of us, trying to dominate our consciousness.

The scene is laid in the age of quarrelling and hypocrisy, Kali Yuga, as it is called in the Vedic culture. It shows the rebirth of all undesired of the human being, incarnated as a king who reclaims his sovereignty over us. He is accompanied by his wife, the sin personified, an ill-disposed queen who gives birth to lust, greed, envy, anger and madness; ghostlike sons who play with and possess their victims, catch them in a net they can not get out of. Subtle as well as tangible, the net of desires.

The story is told in language that touch upon the grotesque and black humour, which is very characteristic about this group of experimental theatre. We all see ourselves reflected in the disadvantages of each one of the victims who endeavour to transcend of satisfy these beings.

It is an interesting propose that makes us reflect about our way of act, through each personality that we see there.

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