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Michael Jolin




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Mike Jolin has been referred to as a "productive visionary," using his art as an excuse to relate to and enjoy people. He seeks to paint what is strong, beautiful and meaningful in life. As an abstract expressionist painter, he strives to express universal and timeless themes through a very personal format. The bold use of color and nonrepresentational forms in his painting convey a deep emotional content which draws from religion, the power of nature and the strength of families and women.

One unique aspect of Mr Jolin's style is that the title is an integral part or every work. As Kandinsky, who is often regarded as the originator of abstract art, explored the analogy between art and music, Jolin explores the relationship between art and language. By bringing both symbolism and language together, he attempts to give his audience a sense of emotional direction. He focuses not so much on the technique of his work but on telling a story and moving the viewer from one place or moment to another. He believes that art comes form a concept, idea or feeling and not the other way around. He strives to make people look inward and explore feelings evoked in his paintings.

As his audience, we try to analyze his work, but the artist sees it differently:"I believe the purpose of art is the enjoyment of the audience. Each of my paintings is an expression of importance in my immediate world, and conveys intense living. Painting allows me to communicate universally meaningful themes in color".

Michael Joilin recognizes two major influences in his work: philosophy and the "Die Brucke" ("The Bridge") art movement,. He pursued his love of philosophy in college, received a degree in that subject and uses this lifelong passion as a wellspring for his work. The Die Brucke art movement serves as stylistic influence. This group of expressionist paintera formed in 1905 in Dersden, Germany to seek the emotional and psychological reality hiding behind surface appearances.

Michael Jolin was born in 1943 in Appleton, Wisconsin. He is presently living in Islamorada in the Florida Keys.

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