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Mark Ellis


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Mark Ellis about himself:

I was born in England in 1953, and today I am living with my family in a village in Kent, south of London.

When I was 9 years old, I learnt to play guitar, and have played in various bands since I was 11 years old.

I grew up with the Beatles and they have always been the main musical influence, but I have a very wide taste in music and I guess that the eastern or Indian influences in my life, also stemmed from that period the music, lyrics and interest in Spiritual things came from George Harrison (who is sadly missed). Since nearly 25 years, I am a devotee of Lord Krsna. When I was 16, i started to pracise Hatha Yoga, and still practice - a bit…

I play acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboards and I sing. I have some recordings with a couple of my bands, but have only recently got into recording a CD with a spiritual theme, which I am now working on (2002-03). It is mainly just a collection of songs that have a spiritual theme.

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