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Maria Kimdal


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Maria Kimdal (Manah Siksa devi dasi) about herself:

I was born in the north of Sweden in 1958. Ever since my early childhood, I was attracted to Music, to Words and to God. When I was 14, I bought my first guitar, and I started to sing in choirs and play in different bands. Later I came to study music on full time for 7 years (guitar, flute, piano, composition, etc) and later I also worked as a music teacher.

When I got family and children, I started to dedicate my little spare time to language studies and to writing. By the time, I came to teach Swedish and Spanish, and I also accepted to work as the managing editor of Skrivlustan, a Swedish magazine for writers, with four issues per year. It is also in this magazine, where much of my writing is published. Besides this, I occasionally perform alone or with other writers and musicians in different events. My major music projects so far, is a CD production - Names Unlimited - together with the excellent musician Mick Arrow; eight songs based on the beautiful teachings of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, and the release of the CD was in august 2007.

At the present (2011), Mick and myself are working together on a new album - AVATAR - under the artist name Flower Power. At the end of last year, we released a single from that album; Hidden Avatar/Guide for Justice.

Besides this, I am also working on a new album with song compositions based on Razón de Ser, by Sripad Atulananda Acharya.

As God has always been a reality in my life, I would say that there has always also been a spiritual presence in my works, and since a few years ago, the vaisnava philosophy has come to be a great inspiration for me in everything I do, whether it is about writing, playing or cooking! And I have come to realize that everything becomes a beautiful art, when there is a consciousness regarding the Origin behind all art.

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