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Jayanthi Thaler


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Jayanthi Thaler is a young German artist who has had successful participation in art competitions and exhibitions since school days. She has went deeper into different techniques in art and the handwork together with friends who are artists (her father is also an artist). Since her mother is a Yoga teacher, Jayanthi early came in contact with Yoga, and she has also made several journeys to India.

A significant topic in the painting of Jayanthi Thaler is Nature as a source for peace, harmony and innovation. Her inspiration came through the desire to have an artistic and pictorial connection. “Prayer to the Sun” was developed though the realization that Yoga is in direct connection with nature. The leaves in her art gallery are natural and not changed. This has an appeal, because of discovering hidden motives like animals…

Beside of her painting and social work studies, she also gives lectures in workshops of art education.


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