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Jasmine Kang

Photo by Jasmine


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Moonshine Garden

Jasmine Kang is a young American poet, who is also active in photography, painting and drawing. Her first book "River of Light" was published in November 2009 by So'ham Books. For more on Jasmine and her work, visit her site online at www.moonshinegarden.com.

Jasmine Kang's words about her work:

My work reflects on nature and life. Musing with colors and words, I express what I feel pouring my love for life onto paper. My work speaks about life and our connection with each other and the higher Consciousness. Through my work, I wish to bring people closer to each other and to the higher Consciousness and Love of God. I wish to share the beauty of life through my work and life. Life is a gift. It is beautiful and it should be shared.

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