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Harry Bolman


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  Harry Bolman

Harry Bolman is a Libran born in 1964. Harry strongly identifies with the Libran need to find balance and equality in all things. Since an early age Harry's inner spiritual desire has propelled him to question the things that most people take for granted. He has spent several decades looking "beyond the lie" to find the Eternal Truth. He very strongly identifies with Gandhi's principles of non-violence, honesty and fairness. Harry's spiritual quest brought him into contact with numerous impersonalist teachings during the 1980's and since the early 1990's he has been involved with the Vaisnava teachings.

His poetry reflects the principles he lives by and his continuing search to find his "inner voice". "Listen to your heart" is his message. "Within every soul is a blueprint of the Truth. If we would only calm our mind enough to hear our heart, then we would realise we already have all the answers we need. There is no confusion, there are no questions. Everything we need we already have. Start looking within and be amazed at the love you find. It's in here, not out there. Within our heart is all the peace, love and understanding that you are searching for. Go within and find God waiting there for you. You've been 'out there' a long time. God will welcome you home with open arms."

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