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Conquistador de Cupido


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  Conquistador de Cupido

Conquistador de Cupido was created by the divine inspiration of Srila B.A. Paramadvaiti Swami (one of the main Vaisnava spiritual masters in the present times), who wanted to expand the divine and trascendental message of Vedic Culture trough different sounds and art manifestations. The name of the group is taken from ancient descriptions in Indian texts, where they speak about the “supreme beauty and sweet reality of the non material world”.

The first years of the group take us to 2002, a moment where they recorded their first CD, called “Efulgente & Evidente”, an interesting mix of different musical styles, like rock, psychedelia, pop, bhajans, classical music and more. Most of the lyrics of this CD were taken from songs composed by great sadhus, or saintly persons from India, and so they were sung in Sanskrit, Hindi, Bengali and also Spanish. In those years the group included about 10 musicians, with many different instruments like guitar, tablas, synth, cellos, violin, harmonium, piano and more. It made a great impact for every people that heard it, and that took us to start playing live in various occasions, gigs, festivals and more. The style of our music is quite difficult to define, because there are so many influences, like the ones mentioned before. But in the words of one of the founding members of the group, Krishna sakha das: “We are intending to create an atmosphere in where every soul could have the chance to perceive a completely new nature, so trough the spiritual sound they will be able to reach far superior states of consciousness. Actually, that is the real purpose of music and sound itself.”

In these days the members of Conquistador de cupido are preparing the songs for their second album, which will be called “Suena verdadero”. This second recording presents some musical variations and new influences, due to the inclusion of new members in the band. You can hear in this new CD some folk, reggae vibrations, and many South American elements that were not present in the first recording, of course combining them with all the previous styles that were played in “Efulgente & Evidente”. The lyrics present also some new ingredients, because all of them were composed by the members of the band, using quite a poetry language to describe the great necessity of a higher conexion for all of us. Apart from this, the lyrics were written not only in Spanish, but also in English, with the idea of becoming more accessible to the ears of all people in this world.

Nowadays, Conquistador de Cupido is trying to go deeper and deeper in feeling the inspiration that comes from a higher platform, and to present that energy trough their music, their songs, and other art manifestations (like theatre, paintings, poetry, sculpture and more) that are just different expansions of the divine desire, and in this way be able to reach more and more people to have the opportunity to meet and realize themselves trough a real message, a real intention.

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