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Miklós Nyisztor (Balaram Prakash das)


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Email: nyisztor.m@invitel.hu

Dr. Gyorgy Lazar writes about Miklós Nyisztor:

"He’s a polyhistor and besides writing and painting, he offers personal development courses based on the results of his own scientific research. He even worked at one time as a wood carver in a furniture factory to support his family among various other occupations. He never was able to live for a long time in one place, but while he was able, he worked as a librarian, a director of an international youth camp, a director of a cultural center and as a drama director. He was a librarian at Gyilkosto in Transylvania, Romania.

In 1988 he arrived in Debrecen, Hungary with his family as a political refugee. Here he directed the mono-drama The Little Prince. His poetry and writings appeared in several newspapers as he withdrew from public life. Then he went silent, or so it seemed. Actually he was imersing himself in the teachings of ancient Vedic culture. His poetry somehow survived his great experimental desires, as he set his sights on the distant future.

Today he is a punctual, kind, amiable, versatile, deep-thinking and attractive man. The dear reader may decide the rest, as I have, rejoicing in the fact that I convinced him to take on this homepage work. I am eagerly anticipating all of his writings, paintings, personal development courses, and if I'm lucky, I'll have a chance to see him direct a play, since he made a silent promise once when he completed his social work in Budapest at the Civil Radio, where he edited a series of programs on literature and Vedic philosophy.

I believe that he brings pleasure to many folks regardless of age, through his writings, especially to those who like poets possessing a special tone. This homepage may be considered a landmark; I wish the chief editor success in its development, and the readers substantial entertainment. I urge those who enjoy reading his poetry and revelations, to share them with others. At the same time, please offer respects to the author by writing your sincere opinions about his writings."

Debrecen, November 23, 2004

Dr. Gyorgy Lazar.


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