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Sripa Atulananda Acarya


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Sripad Atulananda Acarya was born in Santiago de Chile in 1951; son of a Chilean diplomat. During his youth he travelled and lived in several countries, until he begin to study at the university in Buenos Aires. He started to study economy, but had certain attraction to oriental philosophy, and after a couple of years he changed direction and started to study oriental science. Short after that, he came in contact with the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. By the time he decided to dedicate to study the Vedic culture under his spiritual master, His Divine Grace A. C . Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, and placed himself at the dispose of the mission. Later he he returned to Chile where he settled down to help in the work with preaching, that he was recommended by his spiritual master.

Sripad Atulananda Acarya is a preacher and an author, and has written more closely 40 books. Most of them are in Spanish, but some are translated to English, for instance "Songs of the Sadhaka" and "Reason For Being", that are also available in the gallery of this page. Furthermore he is also active as a musician and is involved in several music productions.

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