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Peter Clauss


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The multi talented artist, Peter Clauss was born at the Portuguese Atlantic coast of Lisbon. At the age of 18, he somehow reached the door of the Ecole 75 in Brussels. There he was initiated in the art of graphics by the well-known artist Hug OK. After having won the first prize in the National museum of Ixelles in 1977, with his sculpture "The dream of the truck driver", he was asked to make a sculpture of the famous Jaques Brel, to figure in a park created for his memory in Brussels. Clauss also illustrated with etchings, lithographies, a biography about Emil Verhagens and his friend James Ensor. Sometimes he made exhibitions in Gallerie La fleure de papier d'ore in the old town of Brussels.

For one year Peter Clauss studied in London, and one year at the Academy of Fine Art in Stuttgart. In between those years he escaped in his Citroen 2CV to India in order to gain more philosophical sustain for his work.

In 1985 Peter Clauss went to South America in the search of the mystic Andean cultures. There he met a lot of artists, and for almost 20 years he worked with them, and came to work with several projects. Since he had met a master of bhakti yoga in Chile in 1987, he was particularly influenced by this old Hindu culture, and engaged in producing a lot of paintings and caricatures in relation to this. In connection to this, he also became a vegetarian and studied the mystical tradition of Vaishnavism. He got initiated in the vaisnava tradition with the name of Ambarish Das and while many new centres for yoga and meditation were opened, he also got inspired by Hindu architecture.

Since 1989 Peter Clauss, or Ambarish Das, is an active member of the Harmony School of Conscious Art and the Spoon Revolution. In 2005 he returned to Europe to finally settle down in Portugal, where he is the director of a new bhakti yoga and conscious art project.


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