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Alejandro Dintino


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(El Instituto Superior de Estudios Védicos)
  Alejandro Dintino 

Artistic Experience:

For the past five years I have been fighting for the defense of animals and Ecology in general. I express my feelings and emotions towards nature through my paintings. Every time I am interviewed, I speak about Ecology, the preservation of animals and the environment in the first place, and then I talk from my point of view as an artist.

In all my paintings I try to show endangered species, so that people become aware of the danger threatening them. The message I want to transmit is that we all have the obligation to care for animals and their habitat, as well as eradicate commercial trade in endangered species.

Interviews on TV:

ATC (S.O.S. Vida - Dr. Enrique Romero), ATC (Reina en Colores - Reina Reech), TN Ecología (Sergio Elquezabal).

Interviews on Cable TV:

Lo nuevo de Mazzuca (Guillermo Mazzuca), Mujer Total (Nora Briozzo), Seductora, Nosotros los argentinos, etc.

Radio interviews: 

Ambiente Ecológico

Interviews in newspapers and magazines: 

Viva magazine - Clarín newspaper / Gente magazine / Weekend magazine. Planeta Verde newspaper, Clubes & Countries Magazine, Noti-era newspaper, Nuevo Ciclo newspaper, Good Press magazine, El Vecinal newspaper.


Centro Cultural Gral. San Martín, Argentine Lower Chamber, Reserva Ecológica de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires Ecological Reserve).


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