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Luis Javier Pardo Rojas


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Luis Javier Pardo Rojas was born on 10th of September 1975 in Bogotá, Colombia. He is doing commercial studio and portrait photography. He is a technologist of cinema and photography and is occupied in the field of Audiovisual Media.

Abhirama Das is his spiritual name, and he participates in the Harmony School of Conscious Art, exposing some of his photos at the Hall of Conscious Artists in Varsana Jardines Ecológicos in Granada - Cundinamarca, Colombia.

His works have been exhibited in expositions, catalogues and artist halls in different competitions and nominations on national level.

Motivated and inspirited by his spiritual master, Srila Guru Maharaja, he has travelled to all temples in the Vrinda mission in South America, utilizing photography and video as devotional service, since this has let him express his sensibility in the process of self realization in Krishna consciousness.

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